Sales and servicing of new and used fork trucks

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01376 552135

New gas and diesel fork lift trucks

Diesel Trucks

8000, 9000, 10000, 12000kg
DC Series

Load Sensing Hydraulics, with highly efficient ‘variable displacement’ pumps

Nominal lifting capacities including side shift carriage - Full capacity up to 6200mm lift height

Transmissions, with smooth auto-shift system, also featuring protective lock-out on forward-reverse shifting and engine and transmission protection systems as standard

Fast lifting speeds, with a practical average of up to 0.40m/sec

Excellent ergonomics

Gas/Diesel Trucks

1600, 1800, 2000kg
VX Series

IntellixTM Vehicle Management System with CAN bus technology

2 application matched transmissions, including the World’s best hydrodynamic transmission - the Yale Techtronix

ADS - Auto Deceleration System and Anti Roll Back on Techtronix 100 transmission

AccuTouch minilevers and manual levers

Superelastic and pneumatic radial tyres

LP Gas Trucks

2000, 2500, 3000, 3500kg
VX Gas Series

Gold edition with extra accessories available as the new standard truck

High Visibility Masts and optional Side Shifting Fork Positioner

Intellix Vehicle Management System with CAN bus technology

3 application matched transmissions

Oil immersed brakes

AccuTouch mini levers and manual levers

DC Features

Load-sensing hydraulics provide lifting power proportional to the load. Variable displacement pumps (VDP) ensure engine power is supplied only when required allowing more power for driving, increasing responsiveness and acceleration. Three pre-defined user modes can be selected allowing fine-tuning of the hydraulic controls.

The Operator Compartment is designed for maximum operator comfort and productivity.

VX Features

Engines feature a rigid cast iron block and main bearing caps. Hydraulic valve lifters eliminate manual adjustment, all engines include hardened exhaust valve seats.

The PSI LPG engine has an air valve carburettor and in conjunction with the electronic pressure regulator and engine ECU provides a precise air fuel ratio.

The Yanmar fuel system has an Electromechanical controlled throttle providing excellent response. Glow plugs allow the engine to start quickly and reliably, and the cold start device delivers a cleaner exhaust under cold conditions by advancing the fuel injection timing based on temperature.

VX Gas Features

AccuTouch electrohydraulic controls deliver increased efficiency. The engine supplies power to the variable displacement hydraulic pumps only when required. LSH has an ECO-eLo (Fuel Efficiency) mode, the truck operates in it’s economical power range. Faster work rate or higher productivity is available via HiP (High Performance) mode.

CSE improves lateral truck stability through reduced steer axle articulation, allowing travel on uneven surfaces.


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