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01376 552135

New Hangcha diesel fork lift trucks

Diesel 5-7T

Improved Safety
Superior Performance

The R series forklift trucks are equipped with a hydrostatic power steering system to reduce effort and fatigue when operating over a long period. Completely hydraulic in design with no mechanical linkages the smooth operation of this system helps to eliminate kickback and over steer characteristics.

The wide open step is not only convenient to access but safer thanks to the anti slip mats. To further improve safety and the possibility of slipping in demanding work conditions the floor board is constructed of embossed steel.

The W19A and W14B series are equipped with a new 2-stage stator torque converter which has been designed to eliminate shift shock, the need to shift from low to high gear (1st-2nd) and reduces the possibility of rocking the pallet when accelerating improving the overall efficiency and comfort of the truck for the operator particularly during long shifts.

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