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01376 552135

01376 552135

New Hangcha gas fork lift trucks

Gas/LPG 1-5T


The new generation R series forklift truck is the perfect tool for the most demanding application. It is durable, ergonomic, comfortable, environmentally friendly, servicing is simple and safety standards are high.

Thanks to the long wheelbase design the longitudinal stability of the truck has been greatly improved. The hoisting capacity at the same lift height has been enhanced by an average of 100kg compared with previous models and as the rear axle's load is reduced the work time of the axle is prolonged.

Down time is reduced when servicing the truck with an easy to open engine cover and one touch floorboard removal. Maintenance and fuse replacement is made easy with the fuse installation instrument.

The environment friendly engine meets the related emission control regulations with the GM engine at Tier3. The noise emissions come up to EU standard. The metal hood and moulding sound insulation meets environmental protection demands.

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