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01376 552135

New Hangcha XF Series fork lift trucks

XF Series 1-3.5T

Easy Maintenance

The extra foot space reduces operator fatigue significantly. The new wide open, non slip step makes getting on and off easy and safe.

The optional Electro-hydraulic proportional control system aids heavy load handling sensitively and precisely. The easy to operate levers provide total load handling operation. An armrest is provided to reduce fatigue.

In addition to the soft landing system there is the soft lifting system (front lifting cylinders on triplex mast and full free duplex mast) resulting in reduced noise levels. The shock of the mast is also significantly reduced.

The newly developed front lifting cylinders with a smaller outer diameter give the operator superior forward visibility.


By focusing on enhancing reliability and reducing downtime the XF series will increase productivity. The new aluminium alloy transmission with full floating structure features excellent heat dissipation capability and the additional thicker discs can withstand the most demanding situations.

The XF features a rugged design, stamped frame and engine hood, instrument panel and head guard. Combined with the heavy profile rail mast for excellent rigidity this is a very reliable truck when performing heavy duty manoeuvres.

The heat dissipation capability has been enhanced by the inclusion of the extra capacity combined radiator with serpentine wave and optimized heat dissipation channel ensuring reliability even when performing heavy duty manoeuvres.


Dynamic load sensing hydraulic steering system, efficient lighting system and low fuel consumption provide increased productivity and reduced operating costs.

The new dynamic load sensing hydraulic steering system contributes to reduced hydraulic loss and improved energy efficiency.

The new efficient lighting system employs LED illuminates and the new reflectors reduce energy consumption improving performance and prolonging work time.

By optimising the transmission design the power train provides higher efficiency and the fuel consumption is reduced by 10%.



An environmentally friendly line up of powerful and clean engines helps to reduce the output of undesirable substances over the lifetime of the truck whilst creating a cleaner working environment.

Each model employs a specially developed engine for the optimum balance of power and superior environmental performance. All engines comply with EU stage 3 control regulations.

The environment friendly materials such as non asbestos brake shoes and a new type of sealing gasket have been adopted to ensure environmental safety.


Careful design facilitates inspection and servicing. Easy maintenance reduces the amount of downtime and helps to reduce costs.

The easy to lift cover on the panel gives easy access for checking the brake fluid. The easy to operate latch provides quick access to the engine compartment.

The two piece design makes the floorboard easy to lift and remove for access to the power train. The fasteners on the radiator cover can be turned easily by hand to enable a quick inspection or service.


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